Look Long Into The Abyss

When Rome Falls

Italy, 1943. Rome is under the Nazi heel: Italy has surrendered, Hitler’s forces have moved in – and so has a vast hidden network of escaped Allied prisoners of war. And somewhere in the city is a spy…out to wreak havoc when Rome is liberated.

John “Jay Mack” MacPherson, an American major, leads the hidden POW organization with his contact, the gentle Father Francesco, a priest in a church on Vatican soil. Jay shares a billet with former POWs Buck Nolan, a plain-spoken GI, and David Lawrence, a British RAF Flight Lieutenant, in the home of Maria, a lovely Roman with whom Jay falls in love. When Maria is arrested for harboring POWs, an offense punishable by death, Jay’s grief knows no bounds...


Look Long Into The Abyss

Look Long into the Abyss

Nazi Germany, 1945. Hitler Youth on suicide missions…old men hanged for desertion… marauding slave laborers… homeless Germans clogging roads… and looted art hidden all over.

As Hitler’s Germany thrashes in its death throes, Lt. Gina Cortazzo follows close behind the American front to rescue art stolen by the Nazis... READ MORE

The Sobs of Autumn's Violins

The Sobs of Autumn’s Violins

England and France, 1944. The world holds its breath as the Allies prepare to launch their all-important invasion of Europe. The invasion plan is a secret that must be kept at all costs, but the secret is beset from all sides: a sleeper spy in England, a disaster during an invasion rehearsal, a double-dealing French Resistance leader… READ MORE

The Devil's Alchemists

The Devil’s Alchemists

Germany, 1942. When Hitler's leading nuclear physicists hesitate to develop an atom bomb, SS officer Max Heldorf assembles a shadow team of physicists - whose cooperation is guaranteed through an ingeniously devious plan - to build, in a remote location, the weapon that will ensure victory for Germany. On the project team is Hannah Goldmann… READ MORE

The Mirror of Diana

The Mirror of Diana

Italy, 1943. The ocher-walled town of Nemi, perched high on a hill south of Rome, looks serenely down on the crater lake where, 2000 years before, the Roman emperor Caligula sailed his floating palaces to the Temple of Diana. Just a few years before the war, the ships, sunk after Caligula's death, were miraculously recovered to await a fate that would forever remain a mystery… READ MORE

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